By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO — The award winning military gay genre Dink Flamingo, has reason to celebrate with his MUST SEE new threesome production starring the most popular Active Duty soldier Quenin Gainz and co-starring military personnel Ripley Grey and Jay Ice.

Released on Sept. 17, these three soldiers deliver gay military gay porn genre lovers one of the most stimulating and realism ever captured on video.

We thought Quentin Gainz delivered his best performance back in August when he co-starred with Billie Starz and Damien Nichols however after reviewing his latest performance with Grey and Ice, this may be by far an award winning performance for all of the gay porn award shows next year.

“Ripley and Quentin are hanging out in the armory chatting about how they are hoping today will be a relaxing day but in the background you can hear Jay coming down the hall. Jay bursts onto the scene, and immediately tells the soldiers to man up and pull their cocks out and begin stroking for him. Jay demands that they reply with, yes Sir, to every command he gives. Ripley and Quentin obey every word that spews out of Jay’s mouth. Jay demands that Ripley start blowing Quentin’s cock so it can get nice and hard for his ass later on. Ripley wraps his mouth around Quentin’s dick and gags all over it until Jay barks orders for Quentin to get on his knees and suck on Ripley’s huge thick dick. Jay’s had enough and now wants Quentin to fuck Ripley hard and fast. Ripley hears the call and immediately bends his ass over and spreads his cheeks for Quentin’s big dick.”

Cast: Quentin Gainz | Ripley Grey | Jay Ice

genres: Military Gay Porn | Gay Blowjobs | Anal Sex | Threesome | Bareback

Directed by: Dink Flamingo

Production co: Active Duty Productions

Distributed by: Pulse (US) | National Video/Universal (US) | SpringTownDVD (US)

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 36 Minutes 04 Seconds

Release date: September 17, 2017

Watch what could be one of the top threesome military gay porn bareback scenes ever captured by the award winning director Dink Flamingo exclusively on the Active Duty Network.

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