By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

VIRGINIA — After making history by becoming the first Trans candidate to win in a Virginia state legislative primary, candidate Danica Roem is  now is facing harsh Trans-phobic taunts from her Republican incumbent opponent, Delegate Robert G. Marshall.

After receiving numerous attacks by Marshall and his super pac, Danica Roem released her first powerful political ad that many have called moving and a direct response to the trans-phobic attacks.

In the ad, entitled “Inspire,” Danica Roem is shown taking estrogen medications and applying makeup, while explaining in the voice-over the following:

“I’m running for office because my identity shouldn’t be a big deal. This shouldn’t be newsworthy or political. This is just who I am.” says Roem.

According to the first ever Trans candidate in the state of Virginia,  Roem not only is fighting back against the barbaric tactics of her opponent but she is also providing inspiration for the next generation of LGBTQ youths who may want to get into politics in the future.

“There are millions of transgender people in this country, and we all deserve representation in government” says Roem in her political ad. “So when I stand up on the statehouse floor and the speakers says ‘the gentlewoman from Manassas,’ LGBTQ kids everywhere will know they can succeed because of who they—are not despite it.” said Roem.

The ad is a direct response to comments made by her Republican opponent, Robert G. Marshall where he insisted on misgendering Roem and who had the nerve to ask a reporter knowing that it would be televised..“Why do you call Danica a female? Did Danica’s DNA change?” said Marshall.

Now you would think this would have Marshall thinking that he could easily defeat Roem however according to the Washington Post, Roem has out-raised Marshall by a factor of a 5 to 1 margin, bringing in over $370,000 for her campaign.

Marshall claims that he is not bothered by being behind in fundraising as he continued his trans-phobic attacks when he sat down with the Washington Post and said the following:

“You can change appearances, but your DNA fixes your bodily structures for your entire life. Danica will never get cervical cancer. Danica can’t get ovarian cancer because those body parts are not part of a male structure.” said Marshall. “He’s making up stories all over the place, including about his sexual identity.” said Marshall.

A 25-year incumbent, Robert G. Marshall is also behind many of Virginia’s most conservative anti-LGBTQ state laws.  In fact back in 2006, he was the author of the state’s constitutional amendment against same sex marriage which as you know was later ruled unconstitutional by a federal court.  is next escapade came when he introduced his anti-trans “bathroom bill” in the state legislature.

This race is just starting to get heated and we are sure to see more fireworks in this campaign. We will continue to follow the state legislator race and bring you any new developments as they happen.

Watch Danica Roem’s political ad below and see why it is being called a powerful message.

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