By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

BUDAPEST — It has been confirmed that a second adult porn star has tested positive for syphilis in Europe, according to adult porn producer, Porno Dan.

Last Friday we reported on the first adult film model that tested positive for Syphillis and how Dan halted all production at his live studio after the announcement.

Today, Porno Dan issued a press release to “hopefully clear up some of the rumors, false information and to get let everyone in the adult industry aware of the syphilis situation in Europe.”

“There are two confirmed positive syphilis cases in Europe and a very large number of first-generation exposure with models from the U.K., France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Romania and the Ukraine,” said Dan, who runs Immoral Productions’

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“The incubation period for syphilis is much longer than other STIs and can remain undetected for up to six weeks.  Brill Babes, the largest adult talent agency in Europe, and the medical professionals in Hungary felt that as a combination of this long incubation period and a rampant number of exposures the best course of action is treatment first, testing second. They are advising anyone who came in contact with the confirmed positives or their first-generation partners to get antibiotics rather than waiting for test results to come back. In the best interest of public safety and health Brill Babe’s has further decided that no sexual contact should occur on camera on before Oct. 20.” said Dan.

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