By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

Seoul, South Korea — ‘Runaway’ is a title track from the self entitled album from South Korean Rap/Pop singer Bobby (Kim Ji-won) from the iKON group – exclusively signed to YG Entertainment.

Bobby’s double title tracks include “I Love You” and “Runaway” which were both dropped on YouTube on September 14. I personally can’t wait for YG to release the track, Secret (Feat. DK, Katie).

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This marks Bobby’s 1st solo album for YG Entertainment. The album brings a total of 10 tracks which Bobby took part in composing and writing the tracks. The former idol worked with YG wizard producers Choice 37 and Millennium for the entitled album, Runaway (2017).

Artist: Bobby (iKON)

Genre: K-pop

Album: Love and Fall 1st Album

Label/Distributor: YG Entertainment

English Title: Runaway

Released: September 14, 2017

Watch ‘Runaway’ (2017)

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