By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

ZWAADIJK, THE NETHERLANDS — We can now confirm that B-vibe has delivered their Snug Plugs to leading wholesale distributor Eropartner for retail distribution throughout the EU.

The Snug plugs are available in four sizes and the shape and size makes them perfect for long wear.

According to B-vibe’s R&D division, the ‘Snug Plug’ is a comfortable, non-vibrating, weighted butt plug designed to provide a sensual feeling of fullness. Wear during partner sex or enjoy discreetly for extended wear stimulation. Snug Plugs are made of body-safe, seamless silicone and feature a thin, flexible neck and smooth grip handle.

Newbies have also been thought of, because the packaging contains two guides for anal play. The b-Vibe’s “Guide to Anal” has a lot of information about anal play and the additional booklet explains how to use the butt plugs, so there’s a good way to start the anal journey.

Retailers, the B-vibe’s Snug Plugs are now available at Eropartner Distribution.  Contact your account manager at +31 (0)228 82 00 00 | Fax: +31 (0)228 82 00 09 | Email | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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