By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, DC — President Trump has created a firestorm over the nomination of two members of anti-LGBT religious rights activists who have made a reputation of fighting against LGBTQ equal rights.

The first of two nominees Jeff Mateer, has no judicial experience and has a resume which consists of only working in private practice. In fact Mateer is one who some believe is far too dangerous to sit on the court do to his ideology he has spewed during his time at the hate group, First Liberty Institute of wanting church and state to be joined and not separated as the founders of the USA had designed.

In 2016, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made Jeff Mateer the state’s first assistant attorney general. Before joining Paxton’s AG office, Mateer was First Liberty’s executive vice president and their general counsel of record.

The other nominee announced by Trump was Matthew Kacsmaryk who is currently serving as the deputy general counsel for the listed hate group First Liberty Institute

In a statement, Equality Texas Foundation issued the following statement said:

“First Liberty Institute has used anti-LGBTQ policies to blatantly vilify our families and neighbors for two decades. “By nominating associates of this hate group, the president is using his office in an attempt to ensure policies will be created and spearheaded to advance anti-LGBTQ discrimination in employment, housing and places of business all under the guise of protecting religious liberties.”

Texas Freedom Network’s Kathy Miller who advocates for church-state separation, said that these nominations made by President Trump are “a clear signal that President Trump intends to make our federal courts the place where civil rights go to die.” said Miller.

Their nominations are on calendar for Senate confirmation hearings.


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