By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — The award winning pleasure brand The Screaming O has released a new series of product training videos to help retailers understand the ins and outs of Screaming O intimate products. This is perfect for both online adult stores and brick & mortar adult retailers.

These training videos further the award winning company’s mission to make healthy intimacy more accessible; the Screaming O team believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to make that possible.

After watching the informative, clear demonstrations from Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann, retailers can easily explain, for instance, the difference between the Ringo Pro X3 or the RingO Biggie.

As the video explains, the Ringo Pro X3 includes three different sizes of True Silicone cock rings, while the RingO Biggie is a single stretchy and comfortable SEBS ring.

Retailers, the Fall 2017 video offers playful and informative hands-on demonstrations of several new Screaming O products, including:

• My Secret Rechargeable Panty, which comes with a 10 function Vooom bullet, and a remote control

• My Secret For Him, which includes a rechargeable vibrating ring and a remote control.

• Charged Vooom RC, with its popular low-pitched vibrating

• ReCharge charging cable, which works universally with all Screaming O rechargeable products

• RingO Biggies, a stretchy SEBS ring

• RingO Pro X3, a variety three-pack of personal pleasure rings

• OYeah Plus, a stretchy vibrating ring available in both battery and rechargeable format.

• Charged Combo Kit, which includes a Vooom bullet, a cock ring and a fingertip vibe

• Affordable Rechargeable Moove, with a bending neck and a 20-function Charged Positive motor.

• Charged Monarch, a rechargeable edition of the popular vibrating Monarch ring

• Charged Skooch, a textured silicone ring massager.

Since January 2017, retailers have been able to use Screaming O training videos to familiarize themselves with the essential knowledge to answer customers’ frequently asked questions about the company’s new and top-selling toys.

Plus make sure to check out all of the Screaming O’s product training videos available for interested consumers as well as potential merchandisers, at ScreamingO Training.

Retailers make sure to contact an authorized distributor of Screaming O for their Fall Season lineup; East Coast News | Eldorado | Honey’s Place | Williams Trading Co.

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