By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — In a landmark decision considering the political climate nationwide, the city council of Las Vegas, has approved the expansion of adult stores in the city limits.

In fact it was Councilman Bob Coffin (pictured below), who lead the bill which passed overwhelmingly in the council to create a new city rule, allows adult stores to expand their presence in downtown Las Vegas which he hopes will take the neighborhood from seedy to more commercial with glitz and glamour.

The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday August 13, approved the new law without any debate or discussion. The new measure allows existing adult stores to expand and modify their properties.

The new ordinance will be taken advantage of by six adult stores in the downtown area of Las Vegas which are known to stock the hottest pleasure products such as adult DVDs, books, magazines, sexual enhancements, lubricants and state of the art sex toys.

One thing Councilman Bob Coffin (Pictured Above), made clear is that the new measure does not give adult stores in the downtown area a blanket license to make changes to their properties.  According to Coffin, each adult store would have to go through the city’s site development review and gain city council approval for any new upgrades.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman added that she hopes one day all of the adult-themed businesses are confined to one part of the city and away from the residential neighborhoods.

What we’re trying to do is become a world-class city with loftier everything,” said Mayor Goodman

Councilman Bob Coffin further added that this all started when an adult store located on Las Vegas Boulevard and Park Peso, offered a proposal to the council to upgrade its building with upgrades in lighting, painting and marquee. This is what prompted the change, said Coffin.

Coffin further stated that the council as well as himself received a ton of feedback pertaining to allowing adult stores to expand. “There’s been a lot of bad information passed around,” said Coffin,

One local resident at the August 13 city council meeting said during the public comment period that he supported the measure to allow adult stores to upgrade and expand.

However as always there were a few people in attendance who weren’t too happy with the council voting on the measure without any in depth discussion on the matter. Councilman Coffin confirmed that there was never any public hearing scheduled prior to the council taking up the vote.

You guys passed it, it appeared, without even giving it a second thought,” said Hart Fleischhauer, who was Coffin’s former challenger for the Ward 3 council seat back in 2015. Some may say that he was simply attempting to get publicity.

Ward 3 Councilman Bob Coffin’s office confirmed that the following six adult stores will be affected by the new adult emporium ordinance are:

Main Street Adult Books and Video, 601 Main St., Las Vegas, NV

A Action Adult Books and Video, 1016 1st St., Las Vegas, NV

• Showgirl Video, 631 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Boulevard Books and Video, 1147 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Talk of the Town, 1238 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

• Peepland, 2424 Western Ave., Las Vegas, NV

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