By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — The news broke over the weekend that the NCAA’s 2017 college football season kicked of a Record-Breaking history making moment when this past weekend college football teams from around the country now has a total of six openly gay football players.

This is a record even though the league is made up of thousands of players but still, this is a major step for the LGBTQ community.

Congratulations to the players of our community and everyone’s community this season:

(1) Scott Frantz – Kansas State
Position: Offensive lineman (sophomore) [FBS]

(2) My-King Johnson, Arizona State
Position: Defensive lineman (freshman) [FBS]

(3) Xavier Colvin, Butler University – Division I
Position: linebacker [FCS]

(4) Kyle Kurdziolek, University of St. Francis (Ill-NAIA)
Position: linebacker (junior)

(5) Darrion McAlister, Center for Marian University (Ind.-NAIA)
Position: Unknown

(6) Wyatt Pertuset, Capital University (Ohio-Division III)
Position: wide receiver (sophomore).

It should be noted that Wyatt suffered an injury and his status for the season is uncertain however they still have him on the active list for the record.

In fact My-King Johnson dished out an awesome response to Pac-12 Networks’ anchor Ashley Adamson when she asked…“People see you as a pioneer, how do you see yourself?”

As a kid who plays football,” replied Johnson. “being open is not new for me, it’s just new for everybody else.” said Johnson.

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