By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

ATHENS, OH — The young adult store known for women’s lingerie and sex toys, has announced that they are closing their doors after only two years at the location, said Meredith Thompson, a co-owner of the store.

Honey was created for women and offered a wide variety of lingerie and pleasure products for women at their 12 W. Union Street location. However thanks to the heavy construction in the area and heavy online retailers competing with brick & mortar establishments, the owners decided to call it quits.

“It’s purely financial reasons, unfortunately,” said Thompson.

Honey first opened their doors with local press coverage two years ago with the intention of bringing confidence to women when it came to satisfying their needs away from the stereotype of adult stores. Honey isn’t the only store closing its doors on the block as Haffa’s Record Store is scheduled to close its shop in September.

Thompson told the Post of Athens…“I think it really does help people who are unsure or even embarrassed to buy it online to come into a neighborhood store and feel confident that our privacy is protected. Buying online leaves behind physical proof of purchase that can be traced to a credit card.” said Thompson.

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