By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

TOLEDO, OH (JRL CHARTS) — Robbery & homicide detectives of the Toledo police department are attempting to identify two women whom they believe robbed a popular adult store.

This is the second time this year that two women have robbed the popular adult retail chain of Cirilla’s an adult entertainment stores. The first one was back in January 2017 when two women entered the Cirillas adult store located at 1855 S. Reynolds Road in Toledo.

Now we have two women once again, targeting the popular Cirilla’s Adult stores but this time, they allegedly robbed the location at 4739 Monroe St in Toledo.

Police are not saying if this is connected to the robbery that took place back in January however at this time, they have no evidence that proves any connection.

Anyone with information on this case are asked to contact Crime Stopper at (419) 255-1111 or the Toledo police department at (419) 245-3340.

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