By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

AUGUST 18, 2017 — BOO 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) is the upcoming American comedy horror film written, produced, directed by and starring Tyler Perry who returns to reprise his roll as Madea.

This marks Tyler Perry’s tenth film in the Madea series and is the sequel to the blockbuster hit Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) which generated $73,206,343 at the box office.

This also marks the third Madea film (after Madea’s Witness Protection and Boo!) that was not adapted from the stage play. BOO 2! A Madea Halloween (2017) is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 20, 2017 through Lionsgate.

“Madea, Bam, and Hattie venture to a haunted campground and the group must literally run for their lives when monsters, goblins, and the boogeyman are unleashed.”

Cast: Tyler Perry | Patrice Lovely | Lexy Panterra | See Full Cast

genres: Comedy | Halloween

Directed by: Tyler Perry

Screenplay by: Tyler Perry

Official Site for BOO 2: A Madea Halloween (2017)

Production co: Tyler Perry Studios

Distributed by Lionsgate

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: October 20, 2017

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