By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

MACON, GA — In what could be used in a one hour drama on cable, filled with plots and twists and suspense, took place at a popular adult store last Saturday when a man robbed at knife point the X-Mart Adult Superstore located at 2025 Emery Hwy, turned out to be an inside job, said Bibb County deputies.

The brains behind the alleged conspiracy are Russell Scott Frost, 30, and his wife, Whitney Taylor Frost, 22, of Lindsey Lane. The couple were arrested Saturday and charged with armed robbery.

Frost was also charged with a probation violation so he is sure to be remanded back to prison.

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According to the arrest warrant, the couple conspired to rob the X-Mart Adult Superstore where Lindsey Lane worked. Frost allegedly had a knife as he entered the store and demanded money from the cash register who happened to be his wife Lindsey.

The entire operation was caught on surveillance video and Lindsey, Taylor’s wife, identified him as the culprit, according to the warrant.

Police do not believe that the other employee on duty at the time of the crime did not know about the conspiracy.

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