By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Award-winning director Tony Dimarco has out done himself yet again with the release of scene one from the upcoming DVD Fall Season release of ‘Route 69 (2017) through the Falcon Studios Group.

In fact, Falcon Studios is pulling out the mainstream big guns fans as this Friday August 4, will be the official release date for episode one of this mouthwatering production that takes you into the depths of pure gay man on man passion, uniforms and more.

According to the Falcon Studios network’s affiliate program Buddy Profits, members will have a chance to win a limited edition Route 69 T-shirt starting August 7.

Plus the programming division at Falcon Studios is setting up a mini-site for the release of the must watch Route 69 along with Route 69 T-shirts, DVDs and the ability to download upcoming episodes at the Falcon Studios Online Superstore starting on August 11.

Synopsis Route 69′ Episode One
“In the premiere episode of Route 69 (2017), Fane and Dustin have been riding on fumes, and luckily they happen upon a lone gas station in the middle of the desert. The smoking-hot gas attendant equipped with a ’70s handle bar mustache, Nate Stetson, offers to fill them up. The pair eagerly agrees. When Nate notices that the car is running a little hot, he has the guys pop the hood where he and the mechanic, Johnny V, take a look at what’s wrong. After discovering the problem, Johnny drives the car into the garage where all the suggestive shop talk gets Nate revved up. The two studs start making out and getting naked as Fane and Dustin look on in astonishment. Nate has a “hard rod” and can’t wait to get “a stroker” from Johnny. Johnny and Nate continue to rev their engines as Fane and Dustin watch the hot gas station action culminate with Johnny blowing a gasket all over his rock-hard body. Nate goes with the flow as he pulls out and covers Johnny’s ripped abs with a load of fresh, warm fluid.”

“I’m excited to finally release Route 69 with the opening gas station scene between exclusive Johnny V and handsome Nate Stetson,” said Tony Dimarco. “These guys threw it into high gear, and gave us a turbo charged performance. I urge fans to keep an eye out for the classic scene references in this and all the updates from Route 69. I couldn’t be happier with how my vision for this passion project became a reality.” said Dimarco.

Cast: Nate Stetson | Johnny V

Genres: Anal Sex | Bodybuilder | Uniforms | blowjobs | Rimming

Directed by: Tony Dimarco

Produced by: Tim Valenti

Production co: Falcon Studios

Distributed by: Falcon Studios Group

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date Episode One: August 7, 2017

Retailers do not fear because we are sure to see the entire production of Route 69′ (2017) on DVD this fall so in the mean time, you can pre-order your copies of this sure fired hit by contacting John Gunderson at the Falcon Studios Group at (415) 864-2797 | | Facebook | Falcon Blog | Tumblr | Twitter

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