By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

NEW YORK, NY — Outrage continues to pour in over American comedian Lil’ Duval who went on the air last Friday on The Breakfast Club morning radio show on Power 105, came under fire after an interview with hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy and guest Lil’ Duval who had the audacity to tell listeners he would “kill a woman if he learned she was transgender after having sex with her.”

“I don’t care, she dying,” Lil’ Duval told listeners.

Since last Friday morning, Duval and “The Breakfast Club” have received major backlash for Duval’s comments, including threats of boycotts from advertisers and a harsh direct response from Laverne Cox about the disproportionate violence trans women face every single day.

With all of the backlash, you would have expected Power 105, members of The Breakfast club or even Lil Duval to make a statement regarding the backlash over his outrageous comments but, as of Monday July 31, 2017, no party in this matter has made a statement from the Radio station however Lil’ Duval did!

In fact he made clear on his Twitter page that he has no intentions on apologizing for his comments. Review his teet below:

“The Breakfast Club” hosted trans activist Janet Mock just a week prior to the comedian’s trans phobic interview so it is ironic that no one from the show has responded for a request for comment on this matter that has upset so many people nationwide.

Trans women of color face some of the highest rates of violence within the LGBTQ community not to mention the discrimination that face in housing and employment.

Media outlets barely scratch the service on reporting the number of reported attacks.

One listener in particular was paying close attention to his comments on the show, Tiq Milan spoke out in a twitter storm to the comedian Lil’ Duval’s debunked stereotype statements and how dangerous they are when one could rely on such baseless cultural trope of trans women “tricking” men into having sex with them.

So far this year there have been a minimum of 15 transgender people, mostly trans women of color, that have been “shot or killed” by other violent means!


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