By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — It’s confirmed! Kennston Network has launched the official Solo Site of trans star Kipp Slinger, adding to their growing collection of trans online networks.

Slinger has been featured on sites such as FTM Fucker, BonusHoleBoys and FTM.XXX. Since jumping into the scene he has never branded himself, he has always shot for others.

Through the years he has created a a loyal following and fan base that has been waiting for him to launch his own site like stars Dicky Johnson, Eddie Wood and Phoenix Savage.

The new Kipp Slinger Network is now open to the public with $14.99 month membership and lifetime rebills.

“Kipp is a great performer and I have watched his fan base grow over the years,” said Kennston co-owner Michelle Austin. “I see that he can make money on his own brand and wanted to help guide him in the right direction for making his site. This took over a year to get done because Kipp also goes to school, but we did it and I know his fans are going to love it!” said Austin.

“It has taken me years to get to a place that I was ready to launch my own site,” said Slinger. “I did tons of research and talked to Michelle and Dicky at Kennston Entertainment for a long time before actually saying yes to launching a site. Kennston is the future of FTM porn, I feel like I am part of a family and they are doing things to help bring up stars, whereas other places only focus on them and their brand. Kennston focuses on helping others create their brand. FTM market needs to grow and companies like Kennston are true visionaries and I am pleased to be a part of their network.” said Slinger.

Kennston Entertainment is a trans owned, trans run company.

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