By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

BEIJING — The country’s government implemented a new regulation on Friday July 7, that banned any display of “Abnormal Sexual Behaviors” from its online video and audio content portals.

Unfortunately under the term of “Abnormal Sexual Behaviors”, includes LGBTQ content!

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According to the new regulations past last Friday, content will at the very minimum be edited and depending on who is doing the review, possibly be banned especially if it contains any sexual obscenity or promotes “luxurious lifestyles” or “behaviors” found in their view in homosexuality.

According to GLAAD, this isn’t a huge surprise. While it is disappointing, China’s track record of heavy censorship on the Web, in movie distribution and TV syndication where said productions that show homosexuality in a positive light.

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In the hardcore conservative view of Beijing, homosexuality is wrong or unnatural, and that even the mere support of gay people could be considered obscene.

Li Yinhe (pictured right) who is considered to be one of China’s major advocates for free sexuality said…”Online censorship in general is a hotly contested topic in China, with many stating that the Chinese government’s attempts to censor thoughts and desires are ineffective and unjust. Trying to regulate and censor people’s desires is as absurd as trying to regulate and censor people’s appetites,” said Yinhe.

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