By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

GARY, IN — Two police agencies raided an adult entertainment store and arrested one of the employees working there as a dancer.

Excise police, who were the lead agency during the police raid, oversee businesses that serve alcohol and released a statement today indicating that they executed a search warrant at 11:15 p.m. Saturday July 1 along with the assistance of Gary police officers, on the CT’s Adult Super Store located at 4620 Industrial Highway.

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Cpl. Heather L. Lynch of the excise police department stated that officers arrested 27-year-old Cynthia Gonzalez, a dancer employed at the business, over allegations she offered sex acts to the officers in exchange for money on more than one occasion.

Gonzalez was incarcerated in the Lake County Jail on suspicion of prostitution. Excise police officers said they found suspected Viagra and oxycodone pills in the CT’s Adult Superstore’s office and suspected marijuana in Gonzalez’s employee locker.

Cpl. Lynch added that the excise police officers have issued a notice of violation against the CT Adult Bookstore’ alcohol permit on the preliminary administrative charges of being a public nuisance over allegations of: public nudity, promoting prostitution, and possession of narcotics and a failure to provide minimum food service.

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Lynch concluded by saying..”The investigation is still ongoing and preliminary criminal charges against the business for maintaining a common nuisance and promoting prostitution will be forwarded to the Lake County prosecutor’s office.” said Lynch.

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