By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — The staff and management of the multi-award winning LELO, returned to their headquarters this morning to find that they had been made the victims of a major heist – but then later on to discover that they were hit twice over the Memorial Day weekend!

The LELO U.S. warehouse based in Las Vegas, fell victim to not one but two robberies during the holiday weekend as a team of thieves managed to heist close to 30,000 Hex condoms.

The thieves felt so confident in their heist that they went back for seconds the next day when they returned to the warehouse and stole thousands of dollars worth of butt plugs, Kegel exercisers and more. However what the bandits didn’t count on for some odd reason, was that they were being video taped by LELO’s surveillance system.

According to police, the first robbery took place Friday May 26 at approximately 7:45 p.m. (PST), after the warehouse was shut down for the Memorial Day weekend.

Surveillance video clearly shows two thieves breaking into the warehouse through a back gate and exiting with the warehouse with two boxes of ‘Hex Condoms’ which each box holding 15,120 individually wrapped condoms packages. Not only that, they also came back within minutes to take more than 36-item packs of Hex Condoms. Somebody obviously was planning a huge orgy party of some kind!

After successfully pulling out the heist of the year, they had the nerve to return on Saturday May 27, at approximately 10.30 a.m. (PST). For their second heist, the thieves rammed a rental car through the loading dock gate.

Surveillance footage clearly shows a male suspect running into the warehouse and picking out boxes of sex toys for men as well as sex toys for women. You can see him moving boxes around as though he knew what he was searching for. The suspect then finds what he is looking for by grabbing a large box of (33) Hugo Vibrating Butt Plugs — One of LELO’s high-end prostate massagers — through the rental car’s broken rear window.

The male suspect then comes back to grab a box of Kegel Excersising aids (48 Luna Beads) as well as another box of products which were not identified at press time. Retailers as you know, the items stolen are valued at more than $219 per unit.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police searched the area after each robbery but were too late to nab the thieves.

According to Pavle Sedic, president of LELO U.S., “At this stage, we’ll be happy if the thieves just use the condoms themselves.” said Sedic. “We’re currently working with the police to identify those responsible and ask members of the public to get in touch. Two raids in less than 24 hours is pretty shocking, but everyone knows it’s close to impossible to get additional security during Memorial Day weekend and the thieves obviously realized that. They seemed to have a very clear idea on what they were looking for.” said Sedic.

Take a good look at the Surveillance Footage from the heist below.

The LVPD are asking for anyone with information about these suspects to email the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 1-702-828-3591 | |

To submit your ANONYMOUS TIPS:
Crime Stoppers Tip Line (702) 385-5555
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