By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Never let it be said that all members of the LGBTQ community follow the same political ideology as we can see when Gay conservative writer Chadwick Moore described his visit to a college where he was scheduled to speak but was met with campus students who were not interested in hearing his conservative views.

Appearing on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on FOX News Monday May 15, Moore said “They don’t have any talking points and are not being taught the other side at all.” said Moore.

Chadwick Moore, who is now known for his political conversion to conservatism, felt that he was a victim of protests by students at Portland State University in Oregon earlier this month.

“Repeatedly, the students would talk over me,” Moore said to Tucker Carlson. “This was a new tactic to sort of disrupt the speech, to make sure other people couldn’t hear what I was saying, to try to throw me off, because they’re not educated enough today in school to properly argue.” said Moore.

“None of them stayed for the QandA session because they couldn’t question what I was saying,” continued Moore. “They don’t have any talking points. They’re not being taught the other side at all.” said Moore.

Moore went on to blame the University for the incident claiming that university administrators were reluctant to welcome him on campus in the first place.

“I’ve not seen any administration standing up for” added Moore. “They don’t stand up for the promotional materials being torn down, desecrated. There’s just silence from professors and administrators.” said Moore.

Chadwick Moore went further by describing the protesters as “feral animals” running around on the left, attacking everyone and the Democratic Party and the media are not telling them to stop … It’s very surprising and they’re not winning any hearts or minds in this country by letting this behavior continue.” said Moore.

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