By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — One of Topco’s best-selling lubricant brands has been officially marked CE compliant, making the American-made ‘Sex Sweet Collection‘ market-ready for adult stores across Europe. Now the Sex Sweet formulations—which come in flavors like Mango, Bubblegum, Passion Fruit, and Cherry—conform to strict European manufacturing standards, giving customers another reason to trust this tried-and-true lubricant brand.

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For more than a decade, Sex Sweet has pleased consumers and retailers with affordable water-based formulas, each enhanced with pleasant tastes to enhance intimate activity. Now boasting CE compliance and a wide flavor palette, Sex Sweet is poised to become a go-to line for international retailers seeking tasty and affordable glides.

“Sex Sweet has always been a crowd-pleaser and Topco is proud to announce that the brand has earned CE marking for European sales,” said Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan. “Sex Sweet’s CE compliance is timed perfectly for the summer sales season and gives Topco customers the great-tasting, super-slick formula they’ve sold for years with the top manufacturing standards they demand.” said O’Bryan.

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To learn more about Topco’s compliant lab and cosmetics capabilities and to order the Sex Sweet Lubricants can contact your account representative at Topco Sales 1-800-867-2601 | 818-332-4601 | Fax 818-332-4700 | | | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Vimeo

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