By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Multi-award winning gay erotica label CockyBoys Entertainment, has just unleashed upon Gay porn fans worldwide its latest mouthwatering production starring Gay porn superstars Levi Karter and Cory Kane in “Levi Karter Gets Pounded by Cory Kane! [2017].

“Levi Karter intuitively knows Cory Kane may be a quiet type, but he is NOT shy…as they both show you here. Levi gives Cory a little tour of the CockyBoys country retreat but it’s in his bedroom where they start sucking each other off they use their phones to film themselves, creating some gonzo POV porn!

That’s the ice-breaker for the real scene in which they start kissing and making out with genuinely sweet affection…and open up to each other, quiet no more. It’s Levi who lights the main fuse by starting to suck Cory’s big and thick, steel-hard cock deep into his throat.

Levi Karter tells Cory Kane without so much as one word how much he enjoys his cock by his lengthy sucking. Cory is not without words though, or deep moans, expressing the seemingly endless pleasure he’s receiving.

Cory gives Levi his turn by licking his big balls and taking Levi’s cock with the same hungry enthusiasm and adds a little more by flipping Levi backwards and rimming him. Levi flips back to suck Cory again with extra enthusiasm because Cory has reached over to finger his sensitive hole. Cory needs only to mention the word fucking before flipping on his back, eager to get Cory’s cock inside him.

After just a little teasing Cory Kane slowly slides his cock in and every inch that enters can be seen in Levi’s eyes and widening mouth. As Cory fucks him, Levi’s breathless sighs and moans get louder and the increasingly confident Cory fucks him harder and deeper. His inner power top now unleashed, Cory pounds Levi from behind and with Levi face down, ass up.

As you’ll see in Levi’s face he’s in total sexual ecstasy reaching its peak as he rides Cory’s cock until he explodes over Cory’s chest. And with Levi burying his face and tongue under his cum-swollen balls Cory shoots an even bigger load over himself and glazing his torso. Levi Karter has made sure no one should EVER again think Cory Kane is at all shy.”

Directed by Jake Jaxson, this scorching Gay xxx scene will make every nerve in your body tingle as you watch this explosive orgasmic scene.

Cast: Cory Kane | Levi Karter

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Genres: Hung | Big Dicks | Power Bottoms | Twink | Couples | Passion

Directed by: Jake Jaxson

Production co: CockyBoys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 29 Minutes

Release date: May 11, 2017

Watch ‘Levi Karter Gets Pounded by Cory Kane!’ Exclusively on the CockyBoys Network.

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