By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Eroparter Distribution has announced its stocking of ‘Dirty Little Secret’ from The Lab Factory, a new brand aimed at satisfying the needs of the empowered woman.

According to the company, it’s no secret that today’s avant-garde woman is filled with confidence, so much so that she feels more comfortable than ever initiating sex with, or without, her partner.

“Did you know for example, that a large percentage of European women regularly enjoy the pleasure of their own company?” asks a company rep. “And that today’s modern women confidently take the leading role with their partners as they both enjoy their intimate adventures together.”

The Dirty Little Secret range of sensual products includes luxurious body creams, soaps and high quality stimulating toys. The new brand fills a gap in the market, where sexy and alluring products are usually only found in specialist adult shops. The range of products has been specially developed as a step-by-step system to sexiness from start to finish.

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“For example,” the rep adds, “set the mood with a luxurious foamy shower, apply the sparkling moisturizer, use a little lube, lie back and enjoy.”

The Dirty Little Secret brand reports its range of products have all been well researched, designed and tested, with non-threatening, yet sensual rather than sexual packaging designed to be alluring rather than intimidating and aimed specifically at all self-assured women from 18 to 80 and beyond.

“The products and packaging have been designed to take pride of place in all high street beauty and cosmetic stores,” the rep concludes. “The clever and empowering packaging design allows women (and men) to confidently select a product or two without the fear or embarrassment of ‘being discovered’ while indulging themselves in a sensual purchase.”

As well as luxurious creams, tingling moisturizers, and sexy soaps, Dirty Little Secret also offers a choice of toys and a lubricant.

Retailers who wish to get more in formation on the Dirty Little Secret, contact Eropartner Distribution at +31 (0)228 82 00 00 | Fax: +31 (0)228 82 00 09 | Email

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