By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — Leading LGBT boutique 665 Leather, has stocked the exquisite Maskulo collection for men of all genres – just in time for LA PRIDE which take places on Saturday June 10 – 11 at 647 N. San Vicente Blvd in WeHO. Not to mention PRIDE attendees who will also be driving up to WeHo from Long Beach PRIDE which takes place On May 20 – 21 at 450 E. Shoreline Drive.

The Maskulo Collection brings Gay Men its stunning Fetish Spandex Shorts, Rear Zip Fetish Spandex, Padded Rear Zip Fetish, the Maskulo Tank Top, the Rear Zip Padded Leggings and my personal favorite, the Maskulo Jockstrap and, for fetish lovers, 665 Leather spared no expense by stocking the Maskulo Forearm Wallet, the Maskulo Bicepts Band, the Maskulo Muzzle and the Open Maskulo Brief.

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This is just a tip of the iceberg of what the legendary 665 Leather Boutique located at 8722 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, California, has in store for Consumers of all genres.

But fear not if you cannot join 665 Leather for PRIDE because the 665 Leather Online Superstore is ready to fulfill your orders instantly.

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Retailers who wish to get wholesale ordering information on the Maskulo Collection can contact 665 Distribution Center at (818) 678-9193 | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter

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