By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

PARIS — Exsens has introduced a new series of online training videos, which the company states will benefit distributors, retailers and consumers nationwide.

The short videos for sales staff offer up key talking points to help facilitate casual, informative conversation about Exsens products, creating “brand awareness and driving sales.”

“Sales staff training is incredibly important to us here at Exsens,” said Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, the U.S. sales manager for Exsens. “We love to train in person, but let’s face it, this is not always possible. We can’t get to everyone, but we want to be sure our clients maximize sales, while the end users feel comfortable in-store and receive the correct information about our products so that they can use them in health and happiness.” said Pinette-Dorin.

According to a representative, more consumers than ever before are regularly frequenting adult novelty shops and boutiques and they expect to taste, touch, smell and learn about the products from knowledgeable salespeople.

Made in the south of France from French ingredients, Exsens manufactures a full line of body safe, paraben free pleasurable products including arousal gels, massage oils and intimate care products. All packaging is sourced in Europe and is BPA free.

The company reports it paired with production company Hybrid Interactive to create the training videos available by individual product line, a full format that covers all Exsens products and a film about the company itself.

Videos will be available on Exsen’s private YouTube channel, and through Exsens distributors; Eldorado Trading Company | Entrenue.

For more information, visit or follow the official Instagram.

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