By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

CZECH REPUBLIC – Iconic producer and director William Higgins has just unleashed a new wrestling hardcore fetish scene starring two young hunks, Ivan Seman and Jakub Smolik starring in ‘Jakub vs Ivan’ [2017], shot in Ultra HD 4K.

Seman and Smolik bring wrestling fetish lovers and hardcore gay porn lovers a submission wrestling match that turns into one hardcore scene that is award worthy.

“Ivan Seman and Jakub Smolik are in for a submission wrestling match. They start off by doing some warming up exercises. then it is on with the match. They are soon rolling all over the mats trying to gain a decent hold. It doesn’t take long for Ivan to do that and gain the first point. Then they remove their underwear to wrestle naked. Those hot, naked, bodies look so good as the guys grapple with each other, cocks flailing. Asses spread too as the roll around on the floor. Ivan proves to be accomplished and moves into a healthy lead despite Jakub’s best efforts. Ivan’s aggression seems to be working, and he also resorts to cock and ball squeezing to help him. Jakub keeps trying so hard, and does get some good holds on Ivan but each time his opponent seems to get out of them. With Ivan leading 6 – 0 they take a break of oil each other all over. Ivan continues his winning ways, and his underhand tactics, to win the match. Then they settle down to wank. They also wank each other. Then Jakub, as loser has to kiss Ivan’s cock too. Then they wank hard and fast, with cocks so hard…”

Cast: Ivan Seman | Jakub Smolik

Genres: wrestling | couples | athletic | muscle | anal | masturbation

Directed by: William Higgins

Production co: William Higgins Productions

Country: Czech Republic

Release date: April 30, 2017

Watch Jakub vs Ivan [2017] on the William Higgins Network.

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