By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

The Sean Cody network has just delivered their upcoming Gay bareback DVD to Pulse Distribution entitled “Nixon” [2017] starring Nixon, Blake, Joey, Shaw and Bryson in muscle hunk bareback action.

Delivering nearly 2 hours of raw action, Sean Cody takes his fan base into a new adventure that is sure to leave you sweating and in desperate need of a cold shower.

The one thing that this reporter was truly impressed with was the chemistry between the models.  Nixon is a natural on camera and his performance in what is sure to be a huge hit for Pulse Distribution in retail, is one that I am sure, gay porn award shows will be watching for a possible nomination for Best Top.

Cast: Nixon | Blake | Joey | Shaw | Bryson

Categories: Bareback | Raw | Muscle | Couples | Blonds | Big Dicks | Cum Shots

Directed by: Sean Cody

Production co: Sean Cody Entertainment

Distributed by: Pulse | SpringTownDVD | IVD | Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

Retailers, make sure to check your inventory before you order “Nixon” [2017] to see if you need to restock on Sean Cody’s blockbuster hits on DVD, Lane [2017], Abe 2 [2017] and my personal favorite, Joshua [2017].

Contact Andrew Quaintance at Pulse Distribution | 818-435-1604 | Fax 818-435-1602 | | AIM: andrew_pulse for direct ordering information.

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