By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Powerhouse Helix Studios launched on their YouTube Channel their latest Q & A promo with fans featuring Helix Exclusive superstars Landon Vega and Wes Campbell.  The promo is in conjunction with their latest gay twink erotica scene #Helix: Landon Vega and Wes Campbell [2017] which premiered on March 12 and has been generating impressive numbers for the multi-award winning gay erotica company.

Synopsis of #Helix: Landon Vega and Wes Campbell:
“The gorgeous guys of Helix always get a ton of questions on twitter and our super popular series #Helix was created to answer them ALL! Two of our freshest young models Wes Campbell and Landon Vega don’t plead the fifth on ANYTHING! They answer every question from “what do you do in your free time” to dirtier more intimate questions like “do you enjoy rimming!” The boys also take “REQUESTS.” In this go round you wanted to see some spanking. Our boys are more than happy to oblige. With two of THE hottest asses in the game, watching those tight bunz turn red is absolutely mouth watering! All this gets the boys riled up and by the time they’ve finished answering your questions they are raring to go! These two cock gobblers devour one another’s dicks and Wes goes IN on Landon’s bountiful young butt!”

The Q & A on YouTube has been getting huge clicks and is a must watch!.  Review several of the questions that Vega and Campbell took from several fans on Twitter.

(@FrancisMastroMJ) Is it weird to have people standing next to you while you’re having sex?

(@_1976_) Does your family know you do porn?

(@ricjames30) How has your experience been since coming to Helix?

(@richpcampbell) Do you prefer bottoming, topping or vers?

(@OpenBank2016) Do you like rimming?

(@FrancisMastroMJ) What’s your favorite childhood movie and now?

(@ricjames30) What do you guys do for fun outside the studio?

(@GroceryGay) Landon, tell us about your dog Zeus?

(@Kenn01) Landon, how did it feel getting broken in by Blake Mitchell?

(@MaxHarris818) When was the first time you bottomed?

(@richpcampbell) Landon, what is your tattoo and what does it mean to you?

(@richpcampbell) What’s your biggest fetish, even if it’s not vanilla? Don’t be shy guys.

(@missCJwillis) How about an arm wrestling contest?

Cast: Wes Campbell | Landon Vega

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Categories: Twink, Tattoos, Rimming, Latin, Facials, Bareback, Anal Sex, American

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 32 Minutes

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