By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

FRESNO, CA — City zoning officials and Hustler Hollywood’s parent company LFP, Inc, have reached a settlement in their legal battle where LFP filed a lawsuit claiming the city violated its First and 14th amendments.

The suit was filed by Hustler Hollywood and alleged that city zoning officials changed a code that originally said an adult-oriented store could operate in the area of the city in question which provides for 25 percent or less of the store contained sexually explicit materials to “any merchandise” deemed to be adult. Hustler Hollywood’s legal claim further went on to state that the retail boutique had been mislabeled as an adult book store by the city’s zoning board.

Hustler Hollywood initially moved forward with plans at the location of 333 E Shaw Ave in 2015, shortly after a former Fresno landmark, the Silver Dollar Hofbrau closed their doors for good. Hustler Hollywood signed a 10-year lease on the property.

Then the games came from zoning officials several days later when they red-tagged the location and ordered renovations be put to a halt.

The good news broke Friday April 21 when it was announced that the city of Fresno and Hustler Hollywood had a reached a settlement in the matter and now, the company has their permit to renovate and operate in the location.

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