By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

The young 26 year-old actor and model Zander Hodgson, has shown us his acting talents in the hit Showtime cable show ‘Shameless’ as well as his appearance on the UK soap opera, Coronation Street.  The young and obviously hung UK model is now showing another portion of his talent by dropping his shorts to reveal his beautiful bulge!

Though his beautiful photoshoot with perfectionist photographer Sarah Mireya showed off his luscious body, this new selfie truly leaves little to the imagination of his fan base.

While he is no stranger to showing off his package in the past, this one is truly a one worthy of a hot mouth!  That incredible body this is the first in which he gives us a full on view of that mouth watering bulge in those perfectly fitting underwear.

Now living in California, Zander Hodgson is sure to watch his career sky rocket in ways he can only imagine.  Make sure to visit the Official site of Zander Hodgson to review all of his talents.

It’s about that time again…

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