By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

The South Korean Army has been using a gay hookup app to track down dozens gay soldiers which then they take steps to place the soldiers on a list in violation of their constitutional rights. This is garnered a lawsuit filed by a watchdog group in defense of the gay soldiers, according to South Korea’s largest news agency Yonhap:

The Center for Military Human Rights Korea said it will file the lawsuit with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) against Army Chief of Staff Gen. Jang Jun-gyu (Pictured right) and four army investigators for allegedly violating the gay soldiers’ constitutional rights.

The center further stated that the South Korean Army carried out a probe to find gays and so far have discovered over 40 soldiers that have been put on the list, in violation of the Military Criminal Act. Under South Korean law, a soldier who commits “sodomy” or “other disgraceful conduct” may face up to two years in prison.

Though none of the soldiers were caught engaging in sexual intercourse, they were outed by the army anyway.

At first the South Korean Army spokesperson denied the allegations in a statement saying:

“The investigation team launched the probe after recognizing that an incumbent soldier uploaded a video of him having sexual intercourse with another male soldier on social media.”

The press conference (which is in Japanese) was conducted on this matter due to the explosive charges against the South Korean Army.

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