By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

The legendary Abbey Bar & Restaurant in WeHo, California is set to launch in conjunction with E! Entertainment, “What Happens at the Abbey” [2017].

Many have already started throwing daggers toward the CEO of the Abbey, David Cooley (pictured right), because some are saying that the Abbey is going straight with the new reality show however Cooley disagrees.   As he told several media outlets, “The Abbey” is for everyone and in this reporter’s opinion, that is true!  Everyone stops by the Abbey.  It is the number one spot in WeHo.

The trailer of the new reality TV show delivers both heterosexuas and LGBTQ cast members.

The first TV trailer of “What Happens at the Abbey” [2017] released earlier this month and generated immediate online buzz. Gorgeous men and women were cast in the trailer with clips featuing Billy Reilich (a.k.a Ellen’s gardener).

The trailer did show LGBT storylines such as a gay bartender, same-sex marrige story lines but it also had an unusual heavy toned towards straight staff members and their romance storylines.

When the trailer first dropped, some had mixed reactions from LGBT locals were kind.Watch the first trailer of “What Happens at the Abbey” [2017] and make sure to show your support for this project because this is breaking yet another glass season for mainstream television for the LGBTQ community.

What incredible drama is going down during the premiere season? Don’t miss a minute of “What Happens at the Abbey” starting Sunday, May 14 at 10|9c on E!

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