By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

YouTube sensation Jack Merridew is back with a fantastic gay short entitled “The Gay Hunger Games” (2017). In just the past few hours, Merridew’s new gay comedy short (sponsored by Adammale), is nearing 15,000 views.

Be prepared to laugh your ass off for the next 12 minutes as Jack and his partner Sam take you on a unforgettable adventure.

Jack Merridew said the following on “The Gay Hunger Games’ (2017)

“The 76th annual Hunger Games return this year. I know that they suck and we were all living in peace but Panem or whatever the fuck it’s called discovered a district of all straight boys with gay tendencies recently and have named it District 69. All hell broke loose upon this discovery. Jack and his partner Sam are thrust into the arena of the Hunger Games and must struggle to survive together. Will their sponsor help them out? Unfortunately, their sponsor is, a sex toy company. Can they use the sex toys to best their foes?!”

Plus, Merridew gives a huge plug for Titan Men’s “Titan Tools Intimidator” in his latest comedy production.

Cast: Jack Merridew

Produced by: Brett Takeshita

Sponsored by: adammale

Watch “The Gay Hunger Games” (2017)

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