By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

ITALY – Legendary gay porn director Lucas Kazan brings a ‘amateur genre’ style gay erotica scene that is sure to drive fans crazy with tattoo muscle  hunks “Hugo & Douglas” (2017).

According to the publicity division at Lucas Kazan Productions, it’s ‘Brazil month’ on the ‘Lucas Kazan Online Network’.

“Beginning with Hugo and Douglas in a flip-flop for director Ettore Tosi. Both hunks self-identify as gay. Both flash gorgeous smiles –when they do smile. Hugo, 24, is single. Douglas, 28, in a relationship. “I taped Hugo a year ago in Rio for a solo”, says director Tosi. “I wanted to see him in action and Douglas proved the perfect match.”

Cast: Hugo | Douglas

Categories: Anal Sex | Couples | Kissing |cum shots | oral

Directed by: Ettore Tosi

Produced by: Lucas Kazan

Production co: Lucas Kazan Productions

Country: Italy

Language: English

Watch “Hugo & Douglas exclusively on the LucasKazan Network.

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