By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

The general in Gay military genre porn, introduces their latest recruit, ‘Elye Black’.  Dink Flamingo who has been the leader in Gay military porn genre for more than 10 10 years, has brought out the big gun with his sensational new discovery.

Standing at 5’8 and weighing 150lbs, 21 year-old ‘Elye Black’ is truly delicious!   The innocence of him stroking his big cock will have your skin tingling.

Dink Flamingo describes his latest discovery:

“You can find Elye outdoors riding his dirt bike or honing in on his piano skills which he has been playing since the 3rd grade. This is Elye’s first time on camera doing gay erotica but he loves to look directly at it while stroking his cock.

Elye begins to become more comfortable as his cock starts to grow and become harder by the minute. He looks so young with his hairless body and shaved head. He is extremely fit and could easily take on some of Active Duty long time veterans.

Luckily for Claude he got a real close shot of Elye cumming unannounced. Elye was stroking his dick straight up and down and all of a sudden without any noise from him he shoots a load straight up into the air. All good things must come to an end and Elye amazes us once again as he stands up and blasts a huge load all over the glass table with gobs of cum everywhere. He slowly milks the rest of the cum out of his dick as Claude pans around showcasing every last drop.”

Cast: Elye Black

Categories: Brunette | Muscular | Smooth | Solo | Jerk Off | Tattoos | Big Dick | War Chest

Directed by: Claude

Produced by: Dink Flamingo

Production co: Active Duty | Pink Bird Media

Distributed by: Pulse Distribution

Runtime: 31 Minutes

Watch Elye Black’s Debut Performance exclusively on the Active Duty Network.

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