By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

HOUSTON – Police have charged a father of a 6 year-old boy for leaving his son in a vehicle for hours while he was inside an adult video store on March 1, 2017.  A neighboring business employee, Diamond Hawkins, told ABC !3 News…”He was sitting in the truck and I didn’t pay much attention because we have a business next door that sells cars. I thought his dad was next door buying a car or something,” said Hawkins.

According to Hawkins recount of the incident, hours had gone by and he saw that the boy was still sitting in the truck without any signs of an adult present or even checking on him.  Hawkins recalls that customers asked him if the child belonged to anyone working in the tore or perhaps a customer’s child.

He was scared, real nervous, didn’t know where his dad was or anything.” said Hawkins.  “He wouldn’t talk to us at first and once he started talking to us, we got him some food and put a movie on for him,” said Hawkins.

According to documents charging the father, 39 year-old Darnell Washington, with leaving the child alone without food, water or supervision while he visited an adult bookstore.

When police interviewed the father who, according to police documents,, Washington allegedly said…”I had “been drinking earlier in the day.  I had “four shots” of whiskey.” He added he had “four to five shots of tequila” and claimed he passed out later.“allegedly said by Washington.

According to police, Darnell Washington wasn’t spotted until 2 days later.

He came in and was asking about his car. Wasn’t too concerned about the kid but said, ‘Hey did you have a car towed, where’s my car?‘” added Hawkins.

Darnell Washington is now facing a felony charge of endangering a child.  CPS said that the child was taken into their custody initially, but has now been placed with other members of the family.

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