By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

GAY MUSIC VIDEOS NEWS – Chinese music artist ‘Kris Wu’ is on fire in 2017 with his first single released on November 8, is approaching the 14 million viewers mark on YouTube.

Kris Wu whom you will remember from his performance alongside ‘Vin Diesel‘ and ‘Samuel L. Jackson‘ in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage (2017) is destined to have huge success in both acting and singing this year.

In fact several hours after the debut of “July” (2016) on Apple Music and iTunes on November 3rd, “July” quickly became the second single by a Chinese artist to enter the Top 50 iTunes charts in the US, ranking No.1 in its own genre. Not only was “July” a hit on iTunes, it is alo showing impressive numbers on other international digital platforms, including Spotify, KKBOX, Omusic and Deezer.

According to Kpop, “July” has quickly swept the entire Asia-Pacific region by leading the popular song list in many countries.

While he is on his second single with “Juice” (2017), the first single “July” continues to generate huge heat in both radio and digital downloads.

Artist: Kris Wu

Purchase “July” on iTunes

Written by: Kris Wu | Karl Rubin | Curtis | August Grant | Rook Monroe | Kevin Shin

Produced by: Karl Rubin | Kris Wu

Recorded by: Ray C. Brown Jr.

Mixed by: Stan Greene | Ray C. Brown Jr.

Mastered by: Michelle Mancini


Watch the Official Music of Kris Wu’s “JULY”

Plus an added bonus: Watch the “Special Dance Edition” of Kris Wu’s “JULY”

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