By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Popular adult store ‘Good for Her’ located at 175 Harbord St, is now offering a workshop titled, “Cruising in 2017: A Primer for Men Hooking Up With Men,” hosted by gay trans man ‘Murphy Longley‘.

“Men who have sex with men (MSM) have always used a variety of methods for hooking up,” said a Good for Her spokesperson. “These ways have changed with shifts in laws and law enforcement practices, societal acceptance and, of course, apps. As Grindr and Scruff grow in popularity, the different populations using the apps are also growing.”

“Many trans men, including those who used to frequent (queer) women’s spaces, are hanging out and cruising in gay male spaces and using apps that facilitate cruising,” the spokesperson continued. “But MSMs have a lot of questions before meeting trans men online for sex and want to know how to respectfully navigate the similarities and differences of hooking up with trans men.”

According to Good For Her, Longley’s workshop is scheduled for April 4, and will “cover questions much more in depth and create space for more nuanced answers with advice from his own experience to help educate others on cruising queer trans men in historically gay spaces.”

For more information, call Good for Her at 1-416-588-0900 | | | Twitter.

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