By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Adult Boutique distributor Entrenue, has been named exclusive distributor of ‘Eye of Love Pheromone Body Care’ and is now shipping the brand’s new Love In the Sun line of sunscreen and after-sun lotion.

Love In the Sun features an SPF 30 sunscreen and skin-soothing, after-sun body lotion — both infused with pheromones designed to appeal, attract and entice.

Seduce and Flirt both feature the active pheromone Estratetraneol and are designed for those who wish to attract men, and Rebel and Fierce feature the active pheromone Androstenol and are designed for those who wish to attract women.

‘Eye of Love’ uses natural ingredients in their products — from the high-end scents imported from France to the plant-based pheromones synthesized from wild yam root.

“We’re pleased to welcome Eye of Love’s Love In the Sun collection to the Entrenue family and expand our catalog to include sunscreen for the very first time,” said  Entrenue President, Joe Casella. “Love In the Sun offers so much more than mere sun protection, which makes it a must-have for adult stores gearing up for Spring Break and the summer shopping season.” said Casella.

Pheromone body care remains popular among customers looking for next-level products that catch attention.  There is nothing like Love In the Sun on the market today.

“Shoppers are always intrigued by pheromones and their reported effects, and combining that with sun protection and aftercare was a smart move for Eye of Love.” added Casella.

Kim Maty, Entrenue’s senior sales exec and buyer, added…“The Love In The Sun collection is the perfect combination of luxe quality, self-care and full-on fun, and we’re taking orders now. The products themselves are beautifully done and the concept is something fresh and new for store shelves. Pheromone skincare with a ‘fun in the sun’ approach gives our customers a new way to connect with shoppers as spring turns to summer and we are confident that this clever sunscreen and after-sun lotion will perform well.” said Maty.

‘Love In The Sun’ products are packaged in five-ounce tubes featuring design elements that indicate the each formulation: White tubes with gold ribbon bows for Estratetraneol formulas and black tubes with silver bowties for Androstenol formulas.

The products come in assorted prepacks containing four of each scent and formula, and shelf-talkers and testers are available upon request.

Entrenue also is shipping Eye Of Love’s new Love On the Run mini kits, which feature miniature the Love On the Run pheromone candles, a mini fragrance roll-on and synthetic rose petals.

Maty added…“Love On the Run mini kits were a huge hit over Valentine’s Day and make fabulous romantic gifts that are as fun as they are affordable,” concluded Maty.

Retailers can review ‘Love In the Sun’, ‘Love On the Run’ and the rest of Entrenue’s newest catalog by logging into the company’s official Entrenue website.

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