By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Retailers, distributors and gay erotica fans! Get ready for seven delicious studs that are ready to take you into a world of passion, lust, raunchy and more in legendary director John Smith’s latest DVD release entitled, “Do Me Daddy” (2017) starring Bjorn Nykvist, Filip Bethsaida, Lucas Drake, Charlie Volume and more.

“Hot, horny sex with another twink is always fun, but sometimes – well, only a guy with a little more brawn will do. In fact, the likes of Bjorn Nykvist and Lucas Drake are pretty much crying out for the strong-armed guidance of a real man. And boy do they fucking get it! These pretty, doe-eyed cunts don’t stand a chance when pitted against some red-blooded male, whose only raison d’être is to give lads like them the big-dicked fucking of their lives! Given their creamy responses every time, however, that’s exactly how they like it every time!”

Cast: Bjorn Nykvist | Filip Bethsaida | Lucas Drake | Charlie Volume | See Full Cast

Categories: daddy/twink | gay bareback | bareback twinks | bareback Daddies

Directed by: John Smith

Production Co: Dads ‘N Lads

Distributed by: STAXUS Sales | RAD Video | Vimpex Media

Country: Czech Republic

Language: English

Runtime: 84 Minutes

Release date: March 13, 2017

Retailers can order “Do Me Daddy” at STAXUS Sales +31 205 813 02 | 619-230-0364 |

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