By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND —  The Erotic Trade Only B2B show, known to be the trade magazine that covers adult in the United Kingdom, confirmed today that it will not produce a dedicated trade event this summer.

“This is a very painful decision for us to make. We have many loyal exhibitors who have been with us since the show began but it would have been difficult to stage an event this year without the support of all the main U.K. players,” show organizer Jonathan Kirk said in an announcement on EroticTradeOnly.  “We were aware that the cost of exhibiting at the NEC was an issue, which was one of the reasons we tried to source an alternative venue which could offer exhibitors better value for money. Reducing the show down to a single day duration would have also helped in this regard. However, it appears that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, and the impact it has had on currency rates, has resulted in some key exhibitors being reluctant to commit to any form of U.K. show this year and without their support it would be impossible to stage an event of which the industry could be proud.” said Kirk.

The ETO Show which normally attracted between 1,000 -1,500 visitors every year in July, is truly going to be missed by many.  An event that the adult industry looked forward to for connecting with colleagues, creating new business partnerships, seminars and more. In fact it is considered the United Kingdom’s premier trade-only event for the adult erotic marketplace.

“It is obviously very disappointing to cancel the U.K.’s only dedicated trade event with just a couple of months to go, and we are sorry to let down all those exhibitors who had booked space at this year’s show, as well as all the visitors who get so much from attending,” said ETO Publisher Lee Schofield in the statement issued to the press. “We had to decide whether to continue with a 2017 show which would have been missing some key exhibitors, or take a sabbatical for a year and come back with a new proposition in 2018. After much discussion we have chosen the latter. We would rather have no show in 2017 than a lacklustre one.” said Schofield.

ETO officials, as of the time of this posting, have not yet confirmed if the ETO Awards will be held this year.  We are still awaiting comment on this matter.

For more than 13 years since their launch in 2003, The ETO Show has become a bedrock tool and B2B source for every company trading in the United Kingdom’s adult marketplace.  They continue to be an independent publication with no affiliations or connections with any other adult business. Qualified retailers and distributors can subscribe to their monthly print magazine by visiting EroticTradeOnly.

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