By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Paradise Marketing, the certified leading distributor in the adult industry for condoms and lubricants, has now confirmed that they are carrying the sensational new “Astroglide O” USDA-Certified Organic Oil-Based Personal Lubricant.

“The organic, all-natural products are quickly gaining traction in the lube market and it doesn’t get better than Astroglide,” said Paradise Marketing President,Dennis Paradise. “Customers will love the texture, the aroma and the fact that the rich emollients are perfect for use as a massage oil as well.” saud Paradise.

The top-selling personal lubricant and massage oil’s newest offering combines ultra-hydrating plant-based oils—including coconut, argan, jojoba, ylang-ylang and sweet almond—for an exquisitely luxurious, slick and long-lasting sensation.

‘Astroglide O’, a unique blend of 99 percent organic lightweight oils with a rich, delicious coconut scent, is now available at Paradise Marketing for purchase in 4-ounce bottles at 72 bottles per case (with a three-year expiration date) and is suggested for use with non-latex condoms.

“The next-level of lubrication is here, and, as Astroglide is a top-seller at Paradise, we urge our retailers to try out this new item in front-of-store promotions and front and center on the shelf,” added Paradise. “There’s nothing out there quite like it on the market right now, so it’s a prime opportunity to support Astroglide O in stores.” concluded Paradise.

Retailers and independent distributors can purchase the “MUST STOCK” ‘Astroglide O Organic Personal lubricant’ by contacting one of Paradise Marketing’s veteran sales representative at 1-800-993-3664 | 1-760-597-0800 | Fax: 1-888-810-3888 |

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