By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Legendary pleasure products wholesaler Honey’s Place and lubricant manufacturer Sliquid, have announced that they are reuniting as distribution partners.

Honey’s Place customers will now have access to the entire Sliquid personal lubricant collection, including Sliquid Naturals and Sliquid Silver.

“Our customers have been requesting the Sliquid by name over the years,” said Honey’s Place president and CEO, Bonnie Feingold. “We are thrilled to partner with Sliquid again and we are looking forward to our future growth, together.” said Feingold.

Founder and CEO Dean Elliott created Sliquid in 2002. Through extensive research and marketing, Dean created a formula that could be used by anyone who had sensitivity issues to glycerin and to other ingredients that are usually found in other lubricants in today’s market.

Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for Sliquid to click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at 1-800-910-3246 |

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