By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Brace yourself for Bjorn Nykvist, Martin Rivers, Milan Sharp, Jaro Stone and Noah Matous starring in the European Gay erotica twink film by legendary director, John Smith entitled, Massage Me (2017).

“There’s nothing quite like a heavy-handed massage to work out all the tensions of the day – but sometimes a boy needs his masseur to go that extra mile to give him perfect satisfaction. After all, a shoulder or back rubdown might be fun to some, but Bjorn Nykvist has a certain muscle between his legs that wants (and surely deserves) the keenest attention. Fortunately for this horny little cock-hound, there’s twinks and studs aplenty who are more than happy to make sure that he gets a happy – and very sticky! – ending every fucking time!”

Cast: Bjorn Nykvist | Martin Rivers | Milan Sharp | Jaro Stone | Noah Matous

Genres: Gay Twinks | Gay bareback | European Gay twinks | Gay Twinks Raw

Directed by: John Smith

Production Co: SauVage Entertainment

Distributed by: Staxus Sales | Rad Video

Runtime: 103 Minutes

Country: Czech Republic

Release date: March 3, 2017

Retailers as well as distributors can place your wholesale order for “Massage Me” (2017) by contacting Staxus Sales +31 205 813 02 | 619-230-0364 | | Twitter.

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