By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

After 10 years, the multi-award winning Gay label CockyBoys Entertainment, drops a fresh new series entitled “A Cocky Boy Is_____” (2017) which kicks off with two popular Gay porn Hung superstars Calvin T. Banks and Boomer Banks in a Flip-Flop Gay hardcore scene that is one for the record books.

Not to mention with the release of the long awaited DVD version of Jake Jaxson and Chi Chi LaRue’sOne Erection: Gay XXX Parody” now shipping to retailers nationwide, CockyBoys is destined for a great first quarter in sales for 2017.

Executive producer and director Jake Jaxson, describes his latest masterpiece;

“Today, we start that with a new series that we will release thought out the year: A COCKY BOY IS __________. With this series, we will focus on and celebrate the unique, indomitable and fearless energy of our performers—the young men who choose to stand naked before us.

I say it often—that I believe porn performers and sex workers are heroes, because they have learned to be open and honest about the one thing that cripples and stunts so many of us: the ability to accept and love our sexual self.

As gay men and woman, we are taught to be liars. We quickly realize that to live and flourish we must find ways to hide the truth, omit and suppress our reality. And often like a flower in a bed of weeds, we must adapt and fight to enjoy the light that is intended for us all—the light that’s not just reserved for those who believe they are right and righteous.

While there is no doubt this fight makes us stronger, its scars are often hard to heal, and after years of hiding the most beautiful parts of our being—our sexual self—many are unable to escape the shame that we’ve been conditioned to feel.”

Both Boomer and Calvin deliver their best performance to date and this scene is sure to be featured in an upcoming CockyBoys DVD release this Summer.

Cast: Boomer Banks | Calvin T. Banks

Written and Directed by: Jake Jaxson

Production Co: CockyBoys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC

Release date: February 28, 2017

Watch the full length scene exclusively on the CockyBoys Network.




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