By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

A total of three LGBT groups sent a letter to the White House asking the Trump administration to keep in place and secure transgender protections that were put in place by former President Obama.

The LGBT organizations wrote the letter in response to the Department of Justice withdrawing an objection to a transgender lawsuit, reports On Top Magazine.

“The Departments’ guidance documents help educational institutions understand and comply with the law,” the letter read. “… It also includes discrimination against the hundreds of thousands of students who were assigned one gender at birth but who live and attend school as another.”

“This guidance also helps protect some of our most vulnerable students…In middle and high schools, sexual harassment is all too common, with 56% girls and 40% of boys saying they have been sexually harassed by peers, and LGBT students overwhelmingly face sex-based harassment,” the groups wrote in the letter.

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In fact, the DOJ removed a previous complaint about an injunction against Obama’s transgender guidance for public schools.  A district judge had placed a temporary halt on the guidance, which the Obama administration tried to fight.

The transgender protection guidance states that public schools must allow transgender students to use its bathrooms of their choice. Public schools risked losing federal funding if they did not follow the mandate which of course enraged conservatives.

The LGBT groups responsible for sending the open letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos were, National Center for Transgender Equality | GLSEN | Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

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