By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

Eldorado Trading Company confirmed to our newsroom today that Wanda Garland has been named CEO of the mutli-award winning distributor.

We all remember the tragic loss of Eldorado’s founder, “Larry Garland”, in January and his wife Wanda, originally hired as Eldorado’s first employee in 1975, has played an integral role in the success of Eldorado by managing the finances and ensuring the company’s efficient operations.

In fact, Wanda and Larry were partners in marriage and business for more than 40 years. Together they built the dynasty known as Eldorado, a leading international distributor in the adult industry.

Over the years, Larry and Wanda have worked diligently to build a strong management team. This team is committed to supporting Wanda through this transition and into the future. Larry instilled his guiding principles into the entire Eldorado team who is dedicated to preserving his legacy by remaining true to these standards.

The Eldorado team intends to stay the course as a leading distributor of adult products and will continue to partner with current and potential customers and vendors to deliver all the best quality products and value-added services to help businesses elevate to the next level.

“Larry was committed to education, service excellence and innovation and we will carry out his vision by keeping these values as the cornerstone of Eldorado’s corporate culture,” said Wana Garland. “We as a company are motivated to make him proud by continuing to evolve and achieve new heights.” said Garland.

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