By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

NEW YORK, NY — After an impressive mail order run, the multi-award winning Cocky Boys label is now shipping the Jake Jaxon film of “Just Love” starring Carter Dane, Boomer Banks, Levi Karter and Armond Rizzo. This is sizzling hot gay news to report on.

“Shot entirely on a gorgeous private island off the coast of Puerto Rico, Just Love showcases young men being truthful about learning to love and accept themselves for exactly who they are. Novel concept, right?

Touching on topics such as self health, expectations and acceptance, coming out, and (don’t worry!) even sex, this sensitive and insightful series aims to engage and inspire all viewers, serving up a spoonful of honest love before showing you some of the most passionate sex.”

After heavy gay porn blogger promotion and an impressive run in mail order,  the “Cocky Boys” label’s  exclusive distributor Media Partners LLC, is now shipping their high anticipated next hit that retailers are sure to enjoy the rewards from!

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Even the mainstream media markets have weighed in on the legendary Cocky Boys label;

” There is something about the Cocky Boys aesthetic that gets porn wheels turning—an ironic touch that’s light enough not to compromise the simple pleasures of whacking off.” New York Magazine

“The Walt Whitman of gay porn. Jake Jaxson wants to revolutionize porn with an erotic documentary inspired by great poets and celebrating life.” Salon

“In five short years, Jake Jaxson’s particular brand of arthouse erotica has propelled CockyBoys to the top of its industry”. The Village Voice

Cast:  Carter Dane | Boomer Banks | Armond Rizzo | Ricky Roman | Jimmy Durano | Levi Karter

Genres: love story | gay love | outdoors | passion | gay erotica

Produced and Directed by: Jake Jaxson

Production co: Cocky Boys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC | SpringTownDVD

Release date: January 16, 2017

Contact Hugo Harley at Media Partners LLC for direct ordering information at 888-625-5788 | | Twitter


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