By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

UNITED KINGDOM – Refugees who were granted asylum in the United Kingdom after claiming being gay could put them in danger in their country of origin, has sky rocketed up 450 per cent in just the past five years.

In fact figures in the United Kingdom show that 1,115 people claimed asylum due to their sexual orientation in 2014 compared to just 200 that were filed in 2010. The increase follows a ruling by the Supreme Court back in 2010 which greatly widened the scope of protection for homosexual asylum seekers.

The ruling concluded..”If a person has to live discreetly and cannot be themselves for fear of persecution then they are a refugee.” However as usual, Conservative MP David Burrowes said its very difficult for the Home Office to confirm the claimants are gay. “It is hard to prove your sexuality and ensure genuine claims are successful.’ MP Burrows told The Sun.

The harsh reality is that in 2017, there are 80 countries that criminalize LGBTQ people.

Now here is a surprise, most of the claimants who were seaking asylum were from Pakistan with 748 claiming asylum because of their sexual orientation between 2007 and 2014. In the same period, 343 Nigerians, 112 Jamaicans and 88 Ghanaians, told immigration officials that they were gay as a reason to seek asylum.

A statement from the Home Office in Britain states..”Where someone is found to be at risk of persecution or serious harm in their country of origin because of their sexuality or gender identity, refuge will be granted.’

Written in English and Arabic, they told migrants to ‘prepare their story well from the beginning’. They further said that applicants should consider whether their ‘story fits with them’ for the United Kingdom’s Immigration department to allow your status.

Migrants were told to choose a ‘category’ which proves that their life is in danger in their homeland. Reasons given include ‘race and religion’ and ‘being gay in some countries’.

Britains praised the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 because it was seen as an example of British tolerance and humanity. The new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mrs May, was among those who welcomed the ruling, adding that it was unacceptable to send people home and expect them to hide their sexuality.


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