By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA – Another tragedy has struck a family in Southern California who had to find out that their loved one had committed suicide. The man in question is non other than Will X. Walters who people remember from the nationally covered case in which he lost a five-year legal battle with San Diego police after being arrested for nudity during a 2011 gay pride festival.

Walters was found dead by police from an apparent suicide weeks after receiving the unfavorable verdict. William X. Walters, 35, was found in his Hill Crest apartment late Wednesday night reported the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The county Medical Examiner’s Office said the death was now under investigation.

According to court records, police arrested Walters back in 2011 during the San Diego Pride Parade and Festival at Balboa Park. At the time of his arrest, Walters was wearing a leather gladiator skirt that did not fully cover his buttocks!

According to police, Walters refused officers’ requests to cover up his ass so they decided to take him into custody to embarrass him for public nudity.  Yes they dragged him off to jail. Walters filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Police department for discrimination based on his sexuality, but a federal jury ruled against him earlier this month. Are we really surprised? Walter’s legal team handed him a bill nearly $1 million in fees.

Walters attorney, Chris Morris, stated that he had not heard from his client since the shocking verdict was handed down back on December 13, 2016.

Will Walters was a valiant warrior for his cause, and he will be missed by those who knew him and the community he thought for,” said Morris.

The Tribune reported that Nicole Murray-Ramirez, a San Diego LGBT leader and city human relations commissioner echoed Morris’ sentiments, adding that she hoped Walters’ lawsuit would help educate officers on bias. “He was a young activist and many of us thought he had a bright future,” she told the Tribune. “It’s a loss to our community.”, reported the Tribune.


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